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Working to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients,their partners and their families. Managed by volunteers, SATA is regarded as the leading UK charity working in the field of Sleep Apnoea

Complimentary Medical Alert card and purchase of a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag are now additional benefits if you join the Trust

Sleep Apnoea Trust Shopping Cart – Instructions for Use

Our PayPal Shopping cart allows you to pay for your Membership or renew it, book places at SATAday (Members only), order a Medical Alert Card and Medical Equipment Bag Tag (Members only) or make a Donation. There are two categories of Membership (Normal or Supported). You do not have to be a member, if you want a Medical Alert Card but it will cost you £10. .

  1. Select the first item you want to pay for and press 'Add to Cart' next to it
  2. Repeat for each item that you want to pay for, pressing 'Add to Cart' each time
  3. If you need to order more than one of an item you can press 'Add to Cart' more than once or you can change the number when you view the Cart just before you pay.
  4. When you have finished, use the 'View Cart' button at the top of the page to confirm and make the payment.

If you already have a PayPal account, PayPal will expect you to use it. You can still pay by Credit or Debit card if you are not registered with PayPal or if you use an email address that is not already registered with them

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Template ID Description Price  

12 months Membership (normal rate)


12 months Membership (for those with limited means)

Medical Equipment Tag – Members Only- NB. Mobile number needed for tag

Medical Equipment Tag for Members

Renew Supported Membership (renewal date before 1st April 2019) at £5

Renew supported membership (renewal date before April 1st 2019) £5 to SATA


Donate £20 to SATA


Donate £50 to SATA


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