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Working to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients,their partners and their families. Managed by volunteers, SATA is regarded as the leading UK charity working in the field of Sleep Apnoea

Complimentary Medical Alert card and purchase of a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag are now additional benefits if you join the Trust

Sleep Apnoea Trust Leaflets

Our range of leaflets is widely acknowledged as the most up to date and easily understood information about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and its implications.

We are grateful for the support we get from the Association for Respiratory technology and Physiology with printing costs and from ResMed for the distribution and delivery of the leaflets to Sleep Clinics


Improving accessibility to this information has been a priority, so, when we recently updated the leaflets in the normal A6 format for GP surgeries and Sleep Clinics, we decided to reformat them into a style which is very easy to view and print on A4 paper from a home computer. With another 3.0 million people still to be diagnosed and treated in the UK for moderate or severe OSA out of a potential 4 million sufferers, our challenge is rapidly to reduce that number, using the excellent and free of charge network of facilities the NHS has put in place around the country.

Title A4 Download for Home Viewing & Printing DL size Folded Leaflet for Clinics / GP Surgeries
About Sleep Apnoea & Join the Sleep Apnoea Trust Download Download
CPAP Claustrophobia & Panic Attacks Download Download
Dealing with CPAP Claustrophobia and Panic Attacks Download Download
GP Awareness & Guidance Download Download
Living With Your CPAP – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for those new to CPAP treatment – Feb 2019 Download Download
SATA Detailed DVLA Guidance for UK Driver with Sleep Apnoea Download Download
Sleep Apnoea and Hospital Admissions Download Download
Snoring & Sleep Apnoea – The Facts Download Download
Weight Loss & Sleep Apnoea – The Facts Download Download
What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea? The Facts Download Download

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