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Working to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients,their partners and their families. Managed by volunteers, SATA is regarded as the leading UK charity working in the field of Sleep Apnoea

Complimentary Medical Alert card and purchase of a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag are now additional benefits if you join the Trust

Sleep Apnoea Trust Help Lines (working in partnership with the Scottish Association for Sleep Apnoea)

0800 025 3500  –  Our Free to Call and Use Help Lines

Help Line Privacy Notice
At the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association (SATA) and the Scottish Association for Sleep Apnoea (SASA) we take your privacy seriously. We will only use your personal information to assist us in our efforts to help you.

We only collect information that we need for specific purposes.  We keep all data secure while it is in our possession. We ensure all data is relevant and kept up to date. We will only hold as much data as we need and only for as long as we need it.  In exceptional cases and only if you provide us with written permission (or in an email), we will share your information with a third party for the specific purpose of obtaining progress in your enquiry.
You can see the data we hold on you upon written request while we are dealing with you enquiry, but once your case is closed the data is securely destroyed.

Help Line (All general sleep apnoea issues but not DVLA)–Choose Option 1

If you are worried about sleep apnoea, having difficulty in coming to grips with CPAP treatment, or just need a bit of practical advice, why not ring one of our Help Lines volunteers. This service is available to members and non-members.

You will get friendly and confidential advice. Each volunteer has a file of useful information and a wealth of personal experience.

N.B. Please note we do not provide medical advice. If you suspect that you may be suffering from sleep apnoea please consult your GP who will be able to refer you to a sleep clinic.

DVLA Help Line –Choose Option 2
Please use the self help information on our website first, to try and find a solution that you can sort out for yourself.

Updated guidance is available on this website for those of you who are suspected of having, or who have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and need help in deciding whether or not you need to notify the DVLA, and if so, how to do so. There is also updated guidance for those whose licence has already been withdrawn. We will still offer advice if it is not covered by information on our website, so we ask you to email us or if you do not use email, we have a DVLA Help Line where you can leave a voicemail.



SATA is a UK Registered Charity (number 1056963)    We use cookies to help improve our site (see our cookie policy)


SATA is a UK Registered Charity (number 1056963) We use cookies to help improve our site (see our cookie policy)