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Sleep Apnoea – Information for Patients

How the information on our site can help you

Just listen – do you or your partner sound like this when asleep? Click on the link below.

If so, you may well have obstructive sleep apnoea

Fill in this Epworth Sleepiness Scale for SATA
If you score is 10 or over, you may have a sleep disorder. Book an appointment with your GP, take your Epworth Sleepiness Scale completed assessment form with you and discuss possible referral to an NHS Sleep Clinic.

Fill in this Stop Bang Questionnaire Jan 2019 which helps you to assess the risk you have of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
STOP BANG gets you to assess the following:
S=Snoring, T=Tiredness, O=Observed, P=Pressure (Blood), B=BMI (Body Mass Index) A=Age, N=Neck, G=Gender.
If your score is 3 or over take the completed form to your GP and discuss possible referral to an NHS Sleep Clinic.

For more information about sleep apnoea and its treatment Sleep Apnoea take a look at our What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – The Facts – Aug 2019  leaflet. 
Or is you prefer, this A4 print at Home Patient Information Sheet What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – The Facts – A4 – Sep 2019
You can download and print these documents and take them with you to your GP, if it helps.

We also publish a range of informative leaflets, which can easily be downloaded. They are also available as A4 Patient Information sheets for simple home printing. Follow this link:

Sleep Apnoea Trust Leaflets

If you are awaiting a Sleep Study to confirm diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea or have been newly diagnosed, the information on these pages will help you understand the diagnostic process and treatment. It does not replace the guidance and advice you should seek from your Medical Professional. The Glossary of Terms may help you understand some of the words that may be used

There is also information on how Sleep Apnoea can affect your ability and eligibility to drive. The authority on driving in the UK is the DVLA whose website should always be consulted for the latest position But a more understandable interpretation of the rules can be obtained from this website.

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