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NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence) and Sleep Apnoea

About NICE

NICE is the UK body that evaluates the quality and cost effectiveness of clinical treatments prior to adoption by the NHS.

After 4 years of campaigning by SATA for the NHS to fully adopt treatment for Sleep Apnoea NICE issued their technology appraisal on Wednesday 26 March 2008.

The NICE Guidance can be found below.

SATA was the ONLY charity to be fully involved in the NICE process. This involved submitting a paper on the effects of sleep apnoea from a patients’ perspective and also providing patients to appear before the NICE committee.

NICE Guidance web page
Latest news on the NICE Technology appraisal of CPAP


Service Specification for Investigation and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome

In order to provide CPAP services health authorities need to have a plan (known as a service specification) and the better authorities already have some in force. To help this process SATA – in conjunction with British Thoracic Society, and the Association for Respiratory Technology – has produced a national service specification which we hope to have adopted by NICE in due course. You can view it at the following link.


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