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Sleep Apnoea – Clinical Information -Do not advise patients to call the DVLA

Very Important Message for Doctors, in particular GPs

Please do not advise patients who drive and you suspect to have sleep apnoea, but have not been diagnosed through consultation and sleep test with an appropriate Sleep Clinic, to call the DVLA under any circumstances, unless you feel that they are a danger to themselves and other road users.

Such action is resulting in unnecessary loss of their driving licences.

The expertise of the DVLA staff they speak to varies considerably as does the outcome.

The chaos caused by the new rules, is resulting in confusion amongst medical professionals, DVLA staff and patients. 

In our opinion, clinical judgement has been completely undermined.

Our Help Line is now overwhelmed with cases where driving licences are being mistakenly revoked.

The process to reverse these mistakes is unnecessarily bureaucratic and slow.

The result for the patient can be loss of job, loss of home and loss of family. This outcome was clearly stated in the Parliamentary Health Ombudsman’s Report into the DVLA published last October, entitled “Driven to Despair” (see below).

The GP Guidelines are provided to give an outline of the cause of the condition, its symptoms and treatment. They do not replace other sources of Medical Information that a doctor or nurse may use.

We also include the latest version of the General Medical Councils Guidance on Patient Confidentiality, both to inform patients and keep clinicians updated.

SATA was instrumental in lobbying for the provision of treatment for Sleep Apnoea resulting in it’s recommendation by NICE (National institute for Clinical Excellence)

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NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)
Driven to Despair – How Drivers are let down by the DVLA

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