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Working to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients,their partners and their families. Managed by volunteers, SATA is regarded as the leading UK charity working in the field of Sleep Apnoea

Complimentary Medical Alert card and purchase of a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag are now additional benefits if you join the Trust

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About the Members Area

SATA has established an area of the website to support our Members with more specific information about Sleep Apnoea and its treatment. Its aim is to provide more detailed information to those who have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea and are being treated for the condition.

This area of the site will also give access to information presented at SATAday our Annual Conference for those members who were unable to physically be there. It will also make the latest edition of our newsletter, Sleep Matters available to Members before appearing on the main website.

To access these pages you will need the username and password supplied to you when you joined. If you have not received one you can obtain it using the ‘contact us’ form. The password will be changed from time to time and we will notify you of this. Once you have logged in you will be able to see the content on any of the pages. If you close your Browser you may have to log in again but you can ask your Browser to remember the login details.

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How Joining SATA makes a difference

In Britain it is estimated that up to 13% of adult men and 6% of adult women are affected by Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. That is 3,900,000 people. Only approximately 700,000 are currently diagnosed. By Joining SATA you help us to raise awareness of the condition, act as a pressure group, run help lines and fund research.

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