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Almost half of women across the UK not getting enough sleep

Almost half of British women say they are not getting enough sleep and don’t feel well-rested when they wake up (43% and 48%). According to the findings from a survey of over 4,100 UK adults, supported by the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association (SATA) and conducted by YouGov for ResMed Ltd, women are more likely than men to have trouble sleeping (46% versus 36%) and wake up during the night and not be able to get back to sleep (36% versus 23%). Despite the extent of their sleep problems, only a minority of women consider visiting their GP about sleep issues such as difficulty sleeping (25%) and snoring (6%).These might be symptoms of a sleep disorder called sleep apnoea which if left untreated could lead to other more serious health problems such as stroke and cardiovascular disease. Today’s findings also reveal the impact of frequent sleep problems and how these affect both genders differently. The impact of sleep deprivation on appearance is much more prominent in women who have troubling sleeping than men with women admitting that sleeping problems have caused them to put on weight (31%) and made their skin look less healthy (33%).

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