Welcome to The Sleep Apnoea Trust Association

Working to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients,their partners and their families. Managed by volunteers, SATA is regarded as the leading UK charity working in the field of Sleep Apnoea

Complimentary Medical Alert card and purchase of a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag are now additional benefits if you join the Trust

Join SATA, purchase a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag (Members only)

About Sleep Apnoea and the work of the Trust

In Britain it is estimated that up to 13% of adult men and 6% of adult women  are affected by Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. That is 3,900,000 people. Only around 700,000 are currently diagnosed. The Sleep Apnoea Trust is a patient support charity run mainly by volunteer patients and is dedicated to drastically increasing diagnosis and treatment of this serious illness. We do this by education, raising awareness, acting as a pressure group, running help lines and assisting research.

Join us today and help us reach the 3.2 million people in urgent need of help to avoid a range of health problems, such as heart disease, strokes and depression. By joining the Sleep Apnoea trust you will be helping us to support and inform patients and their families.

A free Medical Alert card is now an additional member benefit, plus access to the Members Area of the website which is packed with detailed information on managing your sleep apnoea. Members are also able to assist research projects by answering surveys from specialists in the sleep apnoea field.

The personal information you give us is completely confidential and will not be shared. When you join the Trust the main communication tool is email. If you do not use email and would prefer post, then you can opt for post.

How to join the Trust

To join, the Trust has two levels of membership:

Ordinary – £17 per annum – Complimentary Medical Alert card, access to the Members Area of the website, pre-publication copy of Sleep Matters and the opportunity to assist in research projects.

Supported – £5 per annum – All the above benefits but a discounted fee for those facing financial hardship.

Details needed for your Membership or Medical Equipment Baggage Tag

NB. At this point after entering data into the details, the “SUBMIT” button is clicked an this takes you to the Store Page.

Thank you. We will now redirect you to the store.

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How to purchase a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag (Members only) – Mobile number needed!

If you just want to purchase a Medical Equipment Baggage Tag, you must be a Member and the Tag will cost £10.

Now just follow the instructions for your chosen payment method from the 4 options below.

(A) Direct Debit – The preferred choice for efficiency

Please complete the form at the bottom of this webpage which gives us the information we need for your Membership, Medical Alert Card or Medical Equipment Baggage Tag. After clicking submit the shopping cart will open, just click the RETURN button to this page

Direct debit is the most cost/time effective way of paying your membership year on year as it removes the need for us to send reminder letters and emails. Once you have joined, we will let you know the membership fee by email and when it is due. You are able to change or cancel that at any time, just as you can with other Direct Debits you may have. It is really so easy and SATA uses GoCardless, the online Direct Debit provider:

  • Advise SATA that you are registering by sending an email to: chris.rogers@sleep-apnoea-trust.org
  • You also need to advise us how much you wish to pay either £17 or £5 for those facing financial difficulties. A donation can be added if you wish. You have complete control.
  • Then, click on this link to register with GoCardless: https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0000CXJN00FB
  • This takes you to the SATA GoCardless page which you can fill in and submit.
  • The Trust will then set up the amount you advised you wish to pay and you will be advised by email this has been done, and that sum will be debited on the due joining date and annually thereafter.
  • If subscriptions change in the future you will be notified by email at least 3 days in advance, giving you the opportunity to change the amount.
  • You are free to cancel the mandate at any time if you want to.
  • If you would like pay via this method and need more information, please contact Chris Rogers by email or call 0800 025 3500 (Freephone) and choose Option 3.

(B) Pay On-Line using a Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal

Please complete the form below which gives us the information we need for your Membership, Medical Alert Card or Medical Equipment Baggage Tag. When you press SUBMIT you will be taken to a shopping cart page where you can select your Membership, order a Medical Alert Card and if you wish make a donation. You will then be able to pay us through PayPal with either a Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account.
N.B. Completing the form does not take any payment, you will need a Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account to make payment through the shopping cart.
If you are a UK Taxpayer please consider making a Gift Aid Donation – it costs you nothing but boosts income to the charity by 25%. The UK government supports charities by allowing us to reclaim tax you have paid on income donated to charity. Please select Yes on the membership application form to gift aid your payment if you are a UK Taxpayer who will have paid sufficient Tax to cover all your charitable donations in the tax year. By doing this you are also confirming that you wish any donations made now and until you notify us otherwise to be treated as Gift Aid donations. The UK Govt requires us to keep records of Gift Aid claims for six years, even if your membership is discontinued
Select Non Taxpayer if you cannot make this declaration or NO if you do not wish to gift aid the payment.

(C) Pay by Post using a Cheque or Postal Order

You can fill in the Membership Application or the Medical Equipment Baggage Tag forms and send them to us with a Cheque or Postal Order for the total amount made payable to Sleep Apnoea Trust. The form clearly states the available options for you to choose from.

(D) Pay using your own On-Line Banking

If you wish to use your own On-Line Banking please use the Banking Payments Link This will take you to a form where you can send us the details we need to register you as a member or to supply your Medical Alert Card. You will then need to make payment using your normal On-line facility.
N.B. Completing the Banking Application form does not take any payment, you will still need to log on to your on-line banking afterwards to make the necessary payment


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